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Two very opposite sisters raised by “not a hippy” even though we’re named Summer and Autumn... we’re good old southern ladies with traditional values blazing down the trails of life


We are starting a blog!

Summer is an old soul with amazing recipes to share... Sourdough... Knitting... Reading... Chickens... Basically she's living a modern life with a frontier mind.

Autumn is a movie quoting, song lyric spitting baby of the family that'll be here for you with all the sarcasm and encouragement to get us through :)

Things we have in common:

We LOVE our God, our family and "the simple life"







Summer/Autumn OKSeasonedSisters
Feb 02, 2021

We love you sooooo much, Aunt Nancy!!! ❣️💝💖💗💓💞💕


Nancy Connatser
Nancy Connatser
Feb 01, 2021

Y’all are so precious... aunt Nancy loves!!!! More than words can tell!


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