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Texas-Tulips 💐

I guess this is technically considered a "lifestyle blog" soo, maybe we should share more about our lives...? It's just so hard to figure out what to share/how to share without feeling like you're on your phone too much or obsessing over content and forgetting to actually live. We'll get there though!

Maybe we should've done more insta stories or something but we enjoyed a lovely little day trip together with our kids (I still love being able to say that) to the Texas-Tulips.

Alarms set before sunrise. It was the first time in a long time that I had to wake Silas up to get ready and the little stinker was still so sleepy he couldn't focus on finishing his bottle so we just packed to go and hoped for the best. He greeted everybody as they loaded into the car (without any complaints, I might add) all very precious and we hit the road! All three kids were asleep pretty quick so Summer and I listened to throwback jams and talked and talked and talked.

1st stop: Shipley's donuts. yum! (OKC)

2nd stop: Starbuck's. duh! (Moore)

3rd stop: Jack in the box (Ardmore?)

Stop #4: Starbucks again

Detour: Lake Murray -we will definitely be planning an actual trip to Lake Murray in the future. So lovely! Shoutout to Ethan for coming in clutch with the random facts about the Lake (one of the cleanest lakes in OK... because it's spring fed) and mentioning our proximity to it!

Finally made it to our destination.

Little windy. Lots of people. . . people taking graduation pictures and being insta models and such lolz. Also, lots of beauty. Sooo much variety! Who knew one flower could have so many variations- each so beautiful. (Feels like there’s a sermon in there😅 at the very least, there’s plenty of motivational posters for sure)

Promised EJ ahead of time we wouldn't stay all day (even though he was a great sport about it once we were there--- even after getting his nice shoes muddy-- I still need to magic eraser those and win the $5 he bet me that I couldn't get them clean) The mud also made pushing the stroller a bit of an undertaking but there's nothing CC wouldn't do for Silas so she powered through only stopping to pick flowers then give the babe a bottle before we were back on the road.

Next stop: Buc-ee's (because have you really been to TX if you don't go to Buc's)

Homeward bound!

Starbuck's again near the border because the storm kept us awake the night before and driving gets tiring...

Smooth sailing until we got to the city riiiiight at 5 oclock so we stopped to eat and let Silas be out of his carseat.

I obsess over the falling temperatures and randomly blurt out to everybody in the car lolz

(Let the record show it was a beautiful 68 at Texas-Tulips and 39 when we got home...)

Yes, it was a drive and took us 3 starbucks stops but we did it and had a great time!



Nancy Connatser
Nancy Connatser
Mar 30, 2021

Loved the Blog! Love that you love time together.... SISTERS are our FOREVER truest friends! Right?!🥰

Summer/Autumn OKSeasonedSisters
Mar 30, 2021
Replying to

Thank you! We’re going to try and make that more of a habit— the blogging and the time together 💞 because you are soo right! 💖💕


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