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Summertime Quickies

Quick and Easy Tuna Tostadas for the win!

My daughter had softball games tonight and I was talking to a friend about the difficulties of cooking in the late summertime. You know the situation.

The kids are back in school and sports and it’s still hot so no one wants to turn their oven on, yet we still have to feed these people every single night!

Why do they need to eat every single night?! 😩😏

My friend and I started swapping ideas for quickies in the kitchen. 😅😄

She told me that a go to for her in the summertime is Salmon Bowls. Great idea! the bowls consist of rice that she cooks and adds sautéed tomatoes & onions and a little garlic salt too, black beans and maybe a little paprika or other spice on top of the salmon. I will for sure be trying that out!

Tonight, I landed on Tuna Tostadas.

Make a simple tuna salad (recipe below..if you can call it a recipe since there’s nothing measured and it’s all to taste!).

Assembling the tostada is as easy as:



tuna salad

Except if you’re a visual learner, it’s actually:

tuna salad



😏 get it? Tostada on the bottom, then lettuce, and tuna salad on top 😄

Anyways, here’s the tuna salad “recipe”

Easy Tuna Salad

3 cans tuna in water, drained

1 avocado

2 or 3 sweet or dill pickles, diced up

mayonnaise - probably 1/2 cup

lime juice - probably up to 2 Tbsp

garlic salt to taste

pepper to taste

Combine all in a medium sized bowl with a lid for storing. You don’t have to cut up the avocado if it’s ripe enough, just mix it in.

Assemble your Tuna Tostadas!

Tostada on bottom, layer of lettuce, then spread the tuna salad on top.

It’s quick & filling, but not heavy. So it’s perfect as a summertime quickie. 😊

Let us (lettuce?! 😏🙃😅) know what you think in the comments!


Summer ☀️



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