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Stuffed Crust Pizza

Homemade stuffed crust pizza, made in a cast iron skillet. Couldn’t be any easier. I cheat by using store bought pizza crust and pizza sauce.

Here’s the “recipe” (if we can call it that since it doesn’t really give amounts to use 😬)

🍕 pizza crust (make your own, or use the refrigerated dough from the’s good)

🍕 pizza sauce

🍕 olive oil

🍕 garlic salt

🍕 pizza toppings (we used Canadian bacon and pepperoni)

🍕 cheese for toppings (I use what I had on hand; fiesta blend, quesadilla cheese, and feta)

🍕 mozzarella string cheese, cut them in half (this is for the “stuffed crust” part)

I forgot to include the mozzarella string cheese, so here they are 😏

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees. A nice hot oven will help make a crispy crust. Make sure your cast iron skillet is oiled, but not too much or else the bottom crust won’t get crispy. Open your pizza crust up and stretch it out a little. Fit it in your cast iron skillet allowing it to hang over the edges a bit so you can stuff that crust. 😊

Place your cut mozzarella sticks around the edge and then fold over the crust.

Next, put your marinara pizza sauce on the bottom.

I don’t think there’s a wrong way to layer the toppings. I have done meat first, then cheese; cheese then meat, then cheese’s a win either way.

Once you’re happy with your toppings, drizzle a little bit of olive oil on the crust and rub it in. Sprinkle a little garlic salt on the crust, and a little on the pizza. 😏

Bake for about 15 minutes, making sure that the top doesn’t get too browned.

These are so easy and such a hit at our house!

I hope you try it; I hope you love it!

Summer ☀️


Nancy Connatser
Nancy Connatser

I can’t wait to try that, Summer Belle.... I’ve never had a stuffed crust pizza before. 😄👏👏

Summer/Autumn OKSeasonedSisters

I hope you love it! 🥰


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