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Quiche 🥚

A versatile, filling dinner. A quiche gives you a lot of opportunity to improvise; you can throw in whatever your family will eat!

When is the last time you made a quiche? Right now when the days are still long, my chickens are giving us plenty of eggs. We love it! One delicious way to have eggs for dinner is a quiche. 😊

I always make two different ones. My husband and I like ours filled with veggies, usually squash, zucchini, or both. And the kids prefer theirs without veggies (of course 🙄😏).

You can choose pretty much any meat filling that sounds good to you and your family, paired with any veggie, or meat and cheese with no veggies, or just a veggie-filled one. Truly is so adaptable.

The two I make most consistently we will call a Cheeseburger Quiche and a Squash & Sausage Quiche.

Cheeseburger Quiche

🥚 1 pie crust to fit a 9 inch pie pan 🥚 6 eggs

🥚 1/2 tsp salt

🥚 1/4 tsp pepper

🥚 3/4c - 1c milk (any kind here; 2%, whole milk, half and half, or heavy cream..or any combination of these)

🥚 1lb ground beef, browned and seasoned to taste; drained

🥚 1c - 1 1/2c shredded cheese (again, any family favorite shredded cheese is good!)

Break the eggs into a medium sized mixing bowl (with a pour spout, if possible), add salt and pepper. Mix with a fork for about a minute until well combined and the eggs begin to get fluffy. Add your choice of milk (see above for options). Mix well with a fork (Or a whisk, whatever floats your boat 😊).

If you are using a refrigerated pie crust (because they are yummy and save time 😅) then set the crust out onto the counter for a few minutes to get more room temperature. They will unroll easier. Unroll them and place them in your pie pans. Place your cooked ground beef (or turkey or sausage if we’re being real. I mean the options are truly limitless!) on the pie crust.

While whisking the egg mixture, pour it over the ground beef in your pie pan. Whisking while doing this helps ensure that the salt and pepper are evenly distributed.

Top with shredded cheese.

Bake at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until the eggs are set (not jiggly in the center if you jiggle the pan). The time will depend on just how much milk you put in.

After baking, let sit for about 5 minutes before cutting into them.


Squash & Sausage Quiche

🥚 1 pie crust to fit a 9 inch pie pan

🥚 1 large or 2-3 small squash (or zucchini), diced up. 🥚 2 Tbsp butter (for sautéing the veggies)

🥚 garlic salt (to sprinkle on the squash while sautéing)

🥚 2-3 links of smoked sausage 🥚 6 eggs

🥚 1/2 tsp salt

🥚 1/4 tsp pepper

🥚 3/4c - 1c milk (any option- 2%, whole, half & half, heavy cream; or any combo of these)

🥚 1c - 1 1/2c shredded cheese (any family favorite shredded cheese)

Again, if using refrigerated pie crusts (pillsbury refrigerated crusts are so good, why not!) let sit out for a few minutes to get to more of a manageable room temperature. This helps them unroll easier and less likely to break.

Roll out into your pie pan.

Dice up your squash and/or zucchini and sauté over medium heat in 2 tablespoons of butter. Sprinkle some garlic salt on the squash/zucchini to season while sautéing. It’ll take about 10 minutes to sauté your squash/zucchini. When they are done, they’ll be tender and almost translucent. Set aside.

Break your eggs into a medium mixing bowl (preferably with a pour spout), add the salt and pepper and mix up with a fork for about a minute; until well mixed and beginning to get fluffy. Add the milk (your choice- see above) and mix well.

Cut up some smoked sausage (again- your choice! This time, we had a couple links of cheddar jalapeño smoked sausage, so that’s what I used) and sauté in the leftover squash juice over medium heat for about 5 minutes. This just enhances the flavor.

Place the cooked squash/zucchini in the pie crust.

Put the sautéed sausage over the squash/zucchini.

Pour the egg mixture over the top while mixing the egg mixture with a fork to ensure even distribution of the salt and pepper.

Top with the shredded cheese of your choice.

Bake at 400 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until eggs are set in the middle (not jiggly). This time will depend on how much milk you used.

After baking, let sit on stove top for about 5 minutes before cutting into.


I hope you guys like these as much as we do ☺️

The options truly are limitless..let us know in the comments what your favorite kind of quiche is!


Summer ☀️



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