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Lazy Mom's Dinner

Or as Summer prefers to call it: Salisbury Rice Bowls.

This recipe is perfect for the days when you realize it's time to eat..and you don't have any meat thawed out. ugh.

You know, the days. The ones when nothing has gone right and now you have to make supper. A parent's job is literally never done. But that's okay...let us help you out with this super simple recipe that tastes amazing, even if it sounds questionable. Trust us 😊


2 lbs frozen ground beef (very important to be lean)

Seasonings for beef (use your favorite seasonings here!)

-1-2 tsp seasoned salt




-Cavendars (one of my favorite seasoning mixes)

2 cans cream of mushroom

2 cans rotel

1/4 c water

Empty the cans of rotel and cream of mushroom into the instant pot. Add the seasonings and the water and stir well to combine it all together. Place your frozen ground beef in instant pot next.

Cook in instant pot on high pressure for 20 minutes. Summer's InstantPot will alert "burn" occasionally, but she allows it to just keep going and it works out just fine. {I don't know why my InstantPot chooses to be so dramatic, but whatever.} After cooking, allow to de-pressurize and then chop up the beef into small pieces. The beef should be cooked through, but if it is not, it is completely fine to cook it again for however many minutes you feel will get the job done. After the beef is cooked through and chopped up into small chunks, taste it to see if you need more seasonings..don't be shocked when you are pleasantly surprised by how good this is!

If you decide to serve it over rice (HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO!) then cook your rice while the meat is cooking. Summer's favorite rice is Jasmine rice, but we're not sure there's a wrong option here. (Autumn's favorite rice is also Jasmine rice but she prefers the pre-cooked, microwave it up kind! She lives on the wild side like that 😉)

Try: Quinoa, Minute rice, Brown rice, Jasmine rice, Wild rice...whatever your heart desires.

Summer's favorite method for cooking Jasmine rice is this:

•4 cups water

•2 Tbsp butter

•2 tsp salt

combine these in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Add

•2 cups Jasmine rice

Stir the rice and then cover and reduce heat to simmer. Allow to simmer for around 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. You'll know the rice is done when the water is absorbed. I err on the side of pulling it off the heat maybe a little early and keeping the lid on to finish cooking.

Be sure to enjoy the smell if you choose to cook Jasmine rice on the stovetop. It is so good!

Serve the meat mixture over the rice in bowls. Our kids add cheese and our "big kids" (husbands) add hot sauce.



We use farm fresh beef, which is very lean. There is very little grease even without draining it. When cooking ground beef in an instant pot together with the rest of the ingredients please, please choose the leanest beef you can get. You could probably use pork or ground turkey in this recipe with good results too.

We hope that this recipe serves you well when you have that day. You know the one, the day when nothing has gone right and now you have to make supper. "Why do they want to eat every night?!" (We're not sure who to credit this quote to...but it's funny because it's true.)

Summer likes to call this recipe Salisbury Rice Bowls because it brings back fond memories of her and her mom eating Salisbury steak and rice freezer meals when she was very young. We have no idea why we remember the strangest things in life but we sure are thankful for the random memories that pop up outta nowhere.

Give this low prep meal a try someday and come back to comment below what you thought!


Summer & Autumn



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