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Eureka Springs, AR

10 fun things to do in and around Eureka Springs that won’t break the bank!

  1. Black Bass Lake - oh my gosh, this is a beautiful little hidden gem that is perfect for hiking and fishing. If spending some time out in nature, away from crowds is what you like to do, then this is a great place!! There are only a few spots that are good enough to fish from, but it’s okay because it didn’t seem like a crowded place! We only saw two other people the whole time we were there. From the information sign, if you start left, you will get gorgeous views of the dam. But the trail is narrow and definitely a hike. If you go right, you will follow a much wider trail. This was good for us since we didn’t dress “hike appropriate” 😏

  2. Roaring Rivers State Park in Missouri (30 minute drive from Eureka Springs) - worth the drive!! This is a popular trout fishing spot, as there is a hatchery and trout is released into the river nightly. This seems like a wonderful place to camp. The river is clear and cold and felt so refreshing. The bathrooms are nice (yay!). We stopped here on our way back home, so we just walked around in the river and ate a picnic lunch. We for sure plan on returning and staying longer. Tip- State Highway F is a lot like a roller coaster ride! Fun…unless you suffer from motion sickness. If that’s the case, I recommend stocking up on Dramamine or whatever helps you because this whole area is in the Ozark Mountains. Which is beautiful! But, lots of turns and hills.

  3. Blue Springs Heritage Center - a natural spring that pumps out 38 million gallons of 54 degree water every day! It feeds the White River…the water is so clear and cold. Truly beautiful. It was also a stop for the Cherokee along the Trail of Tears and there’s a historical heritage portion that is very nice too. The gift shop carries beautiful Native art and gift options.

  4. Lake Leatherwood City Park - we didn’t end up getting here but it’s on my list. I love hiking and fishing and this looks like a great place for that, right outside of Eureka Springs.

  5. Big Jesus (Christ of the Ozarks) - this is a 7 story monumental sculpture of Jesus that sits on the grounds of the Great Passion Play. You can walk around for free. It’s a sight to see 😊.

  6. Antiques shops- this is probably self explanatory. If you love antiques shopping, you’ll have some great options here!

  7. Thorncrown Chapel - beautiful wooden and glass chapel. Popular wedding location, but it’s just as nice to visit and have a look around. There is no admission fee but donations are accepted and appreciated.

  8. Downtown Shops - fudge, kettle corn, ice cream, restaurants, shopping. Lots of walking! There are lots of hills; the sidewalks are narrow; plenty of stairs. This doesn’t seem like a stroller friendly area. Parking can be an issue as well. There’s just not a lot of parking options. There are some pay-to-park public options, but they seem to fill up fast. We found a free parking area, but it was a considerable walk to get back to downtown. We didn’t mind terribly because it was lovely and it wasn’t too hot. There are public bathrooms available, so that’s a plus. We ate at Amigos and it was so delicious!

  9. Crescent Hotel - Famous historic hotel that offers ghost tour packages. If you’re looking for cheap though, the grounds around the hotel are beautiful and are a lovely place for a picnic.

  10. Razorback Tower - 100 ft lookout tower. This originally was used by the Arkansas Forestry Service but now is open to the public! Cost is $1/person but in quarters only. Gives a great view of the Ozarks surrounding Eureka Springs. ⛰ You gotta be willing/able to climb that 100ft tower!

  11. Bonus! Not exactly the cheapest…but may be worth your time/money!! We didn’t do this this time, but I have friends who have and loved it!! I hope to go sometime soon. Ozark Mountain Ziplines- 2 hour zip line tour starts at $89/person + tax (requires ages 3 and up and adults must be less than 275lbs).

We just did an overnight stay this trip, so there’s still a lot more that Eureka Springs has to offer. But all in all, this is a beautiful location with a lot of outdoor activities to offer. 🌲🌳🏕💚

Blessings! Summer ☀️



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