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Meet the faces
behind the posts

Two very opposite sisters raised by “not a hippy” even though we’re named Summer and Autumn... we’re good old southern ladies with traditional values blazing down the trails of life. 

We are full of contradictions. Summer likes slow living {think growing your own food, learning about herbs, etc.} but with two teenagers, her life is not slow! Autumn likes the idea of slow living but is ruled by ADHD and finds shortcuts for food, haha! {think...ah's time to eat!} Come along on our journey as we join together to provide a nice balance of home grown, homemade and quick & easy. We are glad you're here!

We aren't solely food talk.. we will talk about life, women's health, mom talk, faith, and funnies. 

We're starting a blog!!!

A place for us to share:

Recipes- both from scratch and not so much from scratch!

Mom life (Biologically and by Adoption- Moms all the same)

Our love of God, family, nature, gardening, pets, travel, the simple life...

basically-- all the things.

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